Patios & Paving

When you choose your paving for the patio, try to see it laid somewhere in a real life situation. There is no need to stick to one type of paving or surface in the design experiment. Pebbles, gravels, bricks and tiles, can all be incorporated. A contrasting brick edge can also be effective. Generally, it is better to choose a colour that contrasts or compliments, when the patio is laid near to the house. Do not try to match the colour of the brickwork for instance (Dark brickwork – light paving and vice versa)

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Indian Sand Stone


Natural stone paving has an enduring quality which gets better with age. Natural stone products inevitably show variations in colour, size and thickness this however should only add to the charm and beauty of the finished laid product.

Natural Slate


Whether you choose granite or natural slate the range of colours and finishes gives natural stone paving great aesthetic appeal combined with renowned durability. Natural slate can be used indoors too, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out.

Textured Paving


An alternative to the ever popular riven finish, textured paving has a distinctive fleck created by exposing the natural aggregate during the manufacture. This gives the added benefit of an effective non slip surface.

Replica Paving


This range of paving is designed to give the appearance of aged foot-warn flagstones. Its mellow colour and texture normally only created through hundreds of years of weathering. The warn stone effect can add atmosphere to the “old world” cottage garden to the more formal Victorian garden design.

Replica Flagstone Paving


This style of replica paving is available in a variety of shapes and sizes enabling you to create patios and paths of distinction. With the addition of the circle paving you can create a complete circular patio.

Block Paving


Enhance the beauty of your home and garden by installing a patio to be proud of.  Block paving sets, rumbled or standard can be used instead of normal paving  to add style and character to your home, increasing its desirability and value.