Decking & Pergolas

We have vast experience in building decking areas from a basic small deck to ones over several levels, with steps, balustrade or rope swags.

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All our decks are built using the same methods, starting with either blocks to support the joists or 100x100mm posts concreted into the ground with the joists bolted on to them.



Weed proof membrane is always laid beneath the decking to prevent weeds from growing beneath.


125x50mm joists are used to build a very sturdy framework on which we lay the decking.


The boards themselves are 140mm wide by 32mm thick. A gap of 5mm is left between each board to allow the air to circulate and to enable the boards to shrink or expand in different weather conditions.


Decking is a very versatile product and has many uses. On this garden product a wheelchair user wanted to access the top part of his garden, so we builtĀ  bespoke ramps and a top platform.


All the wood used is pressure treated and will last for a number of years without any further treatment necessary.